Student Financial and Administrative Services consists of the following University offices:

New: Proxy Ma​nagement

SFAS is currently implementing Proxy Management, a web-based system that allows students to grant others access to selected student records and/or to the Student Account.

  • Right now, students can use the system to give others permission (proxy access) to view grades and holds.
  • Coming soon, the system will allow students to grant others proxy access to eBill-ePay, the Student Account billing and payment system. When proxy access to eBill-ePay becomes available, students who have set up Authorized Payers within eBill-ePay will need to reauthorize them in Proxy Management to continue the payer(s) eBill-ePay access.  Students will be notifiied by e-mail when proxy access to eBill-ePay is activated.

Read about the proxy access and authorization process