Proxy Access and Authorization

Proxy Ma​nagement

Proxy Management is a web-based system that allows students to grant others access to selected student records and/or to the Student Account.

Through Proxy Management, students can grant others the ability to

  • access YalePay to view the Student Account and make payments online
  • see the Student Account History
  • view grades
  • see holds that have been placed on the student’s Yale accounts

Establishing proxy access

Before the proxy can view a student’s records or pay bills in YalePay, two processes must be completed:

  1. The student must authorize access.
  2. The intended proxy must accept access.

Authorizing proxy access

To authorize another person to access records or pay bills, a student must:

  1. Log into SIS.  
  2. Click the “Proxy Management” tab.  
  3. Review the authorization statement and click “Add Proxy.”  
  4. Enter name and email for those who will have access. When finished, click “Add Proxy.” This will generate an email to the proxy titled “Proxy Access Authorization”.
  5. Click the proxy name to reveal the Profile and Authorization tabs.  
  6. On the Profile tab, select “Proxy” for relationship type.  
  7. On the Authorization tab, select the access you would like the proxy to have.

View illustrated instructions for authorizing proxy access (PDF)

Accepting and using proxy access

To accept the access authorized by a student, a proxy must:

  1. Open the email titled “Proxy Access Authorization,” sent from  
  2. Click on the Web link sent in the email.  
  3. Enter the “Action Password” given in the email.  
  4. Enter the following:
    • an email address
    • the “Action Password” as the “Old PIN”
    • a new PIN (twice to validate)

    When finished click “Save.”

  5. Review profile information and enter a birthdate. When finished, click “Save.”

View illustrated instructions for accepting and using proxy access (PDF)

After accepting access, an authorized proxy can view available student information via the

Proxy Access Login page

Contacts and support

For help with access and system features, email

For help with grades, email

Commonly asked questions

Are grade reports mailed?

No. Grade reports are available to non-students exclusively through Proxy Access.

Can a proxy order transcripts?

Only a student can order an official University transcript. More information on transcript orders is available on the University Registrar’s Office website.

Can a proxy speak to administrators at Yale on a student’s behalf?

Students can assign and email their proxy a passphrase. The proxy can then use the passphrase to speak with a representative in the following offices only: University Registrar’s Office, Student Accounts, and University Financial Aid.

Can a proxy request a letter of enrollment?

Only a student can order a letter of enrollment. More information on enrollment verifications is available on the University Registrar’s Office website.